Our company E.Charatsidou-A.Tsikiridou O.E. “HolodOK” is an Athens based company that specialises as a food and beverage importer and wholesaler with a history since 2002.  The wide range of products meets modern tastes and consumer diversity need.

You will find well-known products, such as Russian ice cream, frozen foods and dairy products, genuine Russian bread Borodino and pastries, tea, delicatessen, smoked fish and fish in brine, canned meats and fish, fresh caviar and high-quality salami as well as juices, drinks and much more …

A large variety of products imported from Russia, Germany, the Baltic and Eastern European countries, and only the top brands and quality producers.

Delivery is a service Holodok provides in Athens, as well as throughout Greece and Cyprus.

The company team over time has developed trusting relationships with customers and stays in touch with the high demands of the modern market.