The general partnership registered as CHARATSIDOU E.TSIKIRIDOU A. G.P. (hereinafter ‘HOLODOK) has created a website at (hereinafter ‘the website’).
Use of the website is provided to visitors/users (hereinafter ‘the visitor’) free of charge, for their own personal use, and is subject to the terms and conditions below. The use of the website indicates that the visitor unconditionally consents to and accepts the terms below, without any exception. Should a visitor disagree with these terms, they must refrain from using the website.

HOLODOK has the right to amend these terms of use whenever it deems it necessary.
The website is intended exclusively for persons who are legally competent.
In the event that the use of any service provided through the website is subject to specific terms, then these terms shall be considered an integral part of the present terms; however, in the event of any conflict, the specific terms applying to each service shall prevail.
Should any of the terms herein be rendered null and void, this shall not have any effect on the validity of the remaining terms. The failure on the part of HOLODOK to exercise any of the rights arising from these terms shall not operate as a waiver thereof.

The website provides information on the areas of activity and services of HOLODOK. The information on the products promoted or sold via the website has been gathered from HOLODOK‘ producers and suppliers.
Website users are given the opportunity to enjoy services which are provided at the request of the visitor.

All intellectual property rights on the entire content of the website (including trademarks, signs, logos, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, etc.) belong to HOLODOK or have been assigned to HOLODOK under a licence for use.
It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, republish, transfer, load, announce and amend part or all of the website’s content, and to distribute, transmit or use this content in any form or by any means for commercial or other purposes.

All information on the website and its remaining content is provided to visitors ‘as it is’, without the option of making changes or any other interventions on the part of visitors, and without any guarantees, while visitors agree to use it exclusively on their own responsibility.
The advice offered via this website cannot under any circumstances be taken as authoritative information and should certainly not be interpreted as encouragement to take or refrain from certain actions.
HOLODOK makes every possible effort to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the content, but does not bear any liability in this respect.
HOLODOK shall not in any way be liable for any damages of any kind, which may result from visiting and/or using the website.
The website gives users the opportunity to be redirected through links, hyperlinks and advertising banners to other websites, whose providers are fully liable for the safety, lawfulness and validity of their content.
When using the website, visitors must refrain from any acts that contravene the law or fair trade practices, or may harm HOLODOK and/or third persons.

HOLODOK is the sole proprietor of the website. It therefore makes every possible effort to ensure its maintenance and availability. Nevertheless, it reserves the right to modify and/or temporarily or permanently shut down the entire website or part of it with and/or without notice, as its availability may depend on communications networks, high visitor traffic and other causes. Whatever the case may be, HOLODOK shall bear no liability whatsoever in the event that visitors are unable to connect to the website.
HOLODOK makes every possible effort to protect the website against malicious software; it cannot however guarantee in any way that it will not fall victim to cyber attacks. Consequently, each visitor must by their own means see to the protection of the medium they use to access the website (e.g. antivirus, etc.) before any use.

The website may collect identification data on website users by using relevant technologies such as cookies and IP address trackers. Cookies are small text files which are stored on the hard disc of every user, but do not collect information on any documents or files on your computer. They are used to facilitate visitor access to specific pages of this website, for statistical reasons and in order to identify useful and popular areas.
These data may include the type of browser and computer used by visitors, their operating system, internet service providers and other such information.
Visitors can set their browsers to either receive cookie notices whenever a specific service makes use of cookies or to completely disable the use of cookies. If a visitor to specific pages or services does not agree to the use of cookies for their identification, then they may not gain further access to these services.

HOLODOK may keep on file and process any personal data on website visitors, which will be disclosed to it through any applications and/or transactions, for the purpose of supporting, promoting and implementing the commercial relationship. All visitors reserve the right to be informed of and/or object to the further processing of their data, in accordance with Law 2472/1997 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.
HOLODOK shall not in any way be liable to the visitor in the event of use of personal data provided by the visitor to a third party, whether a natural or legal entity, after being redirected to the third-party website via a hyperlink on

The above terms and conditions, as in force from time to time, are governed by Greek law and any disputes arising therefrom shall come under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Thessaloniki. Should any provision of the above terms be considered to contravene the law, it shall automatically cease to apply, without however having any effect on the validity of the remaining terms. This document serves as a contract between HOLODOK and the website visitor.


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